Christmas Letter to our Grace Congregation
Delivered By
From Pastor David
Delivered On
December 3, 2016
Christmas Letter to our Grace Congregation

     It occurred to me as I settled down to write this Christmas letter that the greatest thing we need in our lives, this and every season, is to know God as our Father and that His Son, Jesus, is always with us. This truly is the message of Christmas and the bedrock of our faith.  I love the way one writer put it: “What begins in the stable ends in our salvation. That’s why we celebrate Christmas, and it’s the best and only reason the human heart needs.” 

     Think about it, Jesus is with us!  He is the Word we need to know.  Jesus is not only the Babe of Bethlehem, He is also the Son of God who was born to live for our righteousness and to die for our sins.  Christ is the missing piece in many lives.  Without Him we are incomplete.  With Him, even the most complex or disappointing parts of our lives make sense. 

     Jesus is with us!  This is what our preschool, elementary, middle, high school, college age and all people need to know.  In the midst of trials and troubles, identity issues, betrayals by friends, struggles to find the right way in the world, and dreams for a great future, the Babe of Bethlehem who is the Christ of all Creation is always with us.  His salvation gives everyone hope.   

     Jesus is with us!  This is the message of hope to single people, single-again people, young marrieds, families with or without children, empty-nesters, young retired folks and senior saints.  People of every profession need this message!  The light we long for is the Light God has graciously given in His love.  To receive Him is to be warmed by the Light.  He brings light to the darkness of our trials and sorrows while spotlighting the joys of our faith walk. 

     As our church journey continues, we are thankful to be walking with those who are searching for the better way as we grow in a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.  We have become the recipient of the most wonderful gift of all times.  It comes in a very lowly way, but Jesus, the babe, the Shepherd of our souls and our Savior triumphant is right here with us! 

     This Christmas we again want to bow before Him with you, blessed and confident that in Him, all things turn out for our good and His glory.  Jesus reminds us that “I am the light of the world.  He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”  

     Our dear Grace family, we have received the most wonderful gift of all.  As we strive to make disciples for Him, our Christmas hope and prayer is that the whole world will also receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 

Grace and peace,   

David and Sherry Bauknight