Comfortable Christianity
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From Pastor David
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March 5, 2020
Comfortable Christianity

Brian Dodd offers a personal checklist for a Christianity that's too concerned with the world's amenities.

Glamping is a form of luxury camping started by wealthy British people who frequently took African safaris. Instead of roughing it in the wilderness, these aristocrats vacationed with the best of accommodations such as soft beds, fluffy pillows, and all the modern conveniences such as televisions, microwaves & coffee makers.

This form of relaxation has made its way to the United States (I know, check out what the preacher camps in). In 2010, KOA Kampgrounds increased 26% in luxury lodge rentals. Glamping Hub’s Ruben Martinez says, “After a week of camping, you’re not thinking, ‘I look homeless right now.’ You’re thinking about how comfortable you are.”

This same mindset of glamorous comfortable camping permeates our entire society, and has made its way into local churches. I am becoming aware that that we are becoming a nation of comfortable Christians. There are times I find myself becoming comfortable “where I am.” I settle in to take care of the plants in my garden and forget that there is new ground to plow. I enjoy being with the folks of the church and forget that there is a field awaiting a harvest. I could even let the old saying "I’m OK. You’re OK." become my mantra causing me to lose touch with the reality of God’s call.

What I am about to share might touch you as it has touched me. So, how do we know we have become a Comfortable Christian?

1. We are not attending church with a high level of expectancy.

2. We no longer seem to be concerned about the spiritual condition of neighbors, family members, or our co-workers.

3. We haven’t had a spiritual conversation with a non-Christian in a long time.

4. The Bible seems like a history book. It’s lifeless to us.

5. Our happiness on Sunday mornings is more important than what it takes to reach the unchurched. As long as we get our parking spot, our seat, and hear the music we like, everything’s fine.

6. The plight of the poor doesn’t concern us.

7. Pictures of overseas suffering do not move us to action.

8. We do not give our financial resources sacrificially.

9. Our prayers don’t seem to be making it past the ceiling.

10. It doesn’t even dawn on us that God could do something incredibly radical in our life at any moment today. It’s not even on our radar.

Many items on that list have described me at various times in my life. Like British aristocrats on an African safari, I was lulled into a mindset of comfort over experiencing everything that was laid out right there in front of me. I had become too comfortable. Can you relate? During this Lenten Season, what can we do to become “uncomfortable” in our Christianity?

(Thanks to Mr. Dodd (Thanks to Mr. Dodd for sharing his insight and thoughts)

Pastor David