Epworth Children’s Home Mother’s Day Offering
May 4, 2020, 4:02 PM

Mother’s day is Sunday, May 10, 2020, and it’s a day that brings up a variety of emotions for all of us. For the children at Epworth Children’s Home, these emotions are front and center as they go through this time of year without their mothers. It is our role as Methodists to make sure that on Mother’s Day and every day, the children at Epworth have everything they need to be loved and grow up happy and healthy.

Be A Partner of Hope

Julie was 13 when she arrived on Epworth’s campus with her older brother. Both had been removed from their home
and each sent to a different foster home. They missed each other and in their grief exhibited behaviors that were not
conducive to a prosperous future. They both appeared to give up on a life with a good future.

After some time a decision was made to reunite them. That is when they came to Epworth to live. After a short period of adjustment, they both began to participate in campus activities, including worship and tutoring. Their grades began to reflect their efforts to learn. As their stay at Epworth lengthened, they participated in counseling, received family visits, played basketball,
and enjoyed shopping trips with their cottage mates and staff members.

One day Julie exclaimed, “My brother and I had almost lost all hope, but now we know we have a future.” Julie, her brother Daniel, and many others are children we United Methodists have “adopted”, and with whom have become “Partners of Hope”. We form this partnership in order to provide a safe place to live, and to provide food, shelter, clothing, educational, medical, emotional
health, and recreational opportunities for our children. Thank you for giving generously this Mother’s Day.