Delivered By
From Pastor David
Delivered On
September 28, 2015



Homecoming celebration has its roots primarily in the South. It is a celebration of memories past and a celebration of new beginnings. Each year during the months from July through October many churches in the Bible Belt celebrate memories of the past through Homecoming. Those people who migrated from their birthplaces to places afar, return home to participate in their church’s annual Homecoming service.

Today we continue that practice. Homecoming is an exciting time for families! Loved ones are anxious to return home to visit their old church. We fellowship with friends and family, as we present our new families to Homecoming traditions. Many people just want to return home again to experience the many changes to the area where they grew up. Some people schedule vacation time during the week after Homecoming, so they can participate in the revival services during the following week.

This year at Grace’s Homecoming we focus on Psalm 107:1 "Give thanks to the LORD because He is good, because His faithful love lasts forever." Wow!! What a wonderful reminder of God, especially knowing that HIS love lasts forever! Now, this is something to truly celebrate as we come home not only to refocus our full attention on all God has done, but also anticipate what He is yet to do. We’re blessed to know that His promises never fail, and what God says He will do…will be done for the best of all His children.

Consider the ways God’s love has been shown in our past. Our Methodist tradition began in Charleston in 1736. The seeds of Methodism grew as George Whitfield and Francis Asbury spread God’s Word throughout the South. Around 1750 the "Back Country" of South Carolina began to increase in population. In 1754, tents were erected about four miles from the present town of Union, and those early settlers suffered many raids by the Cherokee Indians. With undaunted spirits those same settlers built log cabins as a way to say, "We’re staying!" In 1765, the first church was erected and used by Presbyterians, Methodists, Quakers, Baptists and other religious groups. The church was called Union Church, from which the town of Union derived its name. Unionville eventually became the county seat and the only town in the district. Also during this time, the Methodist through the leadership of Francis Asbury, grew into circuits, and in 1826 a Methodist Church began in Unionville. It wasn’t until 1872, when God’s love became even more evident with the contribution of land and other resources that Grace Church was born. It was stated that "She shall be called Grace, and may she never fall from grace." We are the recipients of hundreds of years of God’s work in our area. What a vivid reminder that God’s love last forever.

Homecoming this year reminds us of God’s continued faithfulness to His children. We gather to honor, worship and praise Him who offers "forever love" in wonderful ways. Let’s keep our focus clear, giving thanks for this special occasion. Remind others who have ties with Grace that we are celebrating Homecoming on October 25th at 10:30 am. I look forward to seeing each of you and meeting many others.

Grace and peace…Pastor David