Jesus Bore It All… …For Us
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From Pastor David
Delivered On
April 16, 2019

Jesus Bore It All… …For Us

Then the soldiers bowed before Jesus and made fun of him, saying, “Hail, King of the Jews!” They spat on Jesus. (Matthew 27:26-31)

The soldiers’ assignment was very simple…take the Nazarene to the hill and kill him. But they had another idea. They wanted to have some fun first. Strong, rested, armed soldiers encircled an exhausted, nearly dead, Galilean carpenter and beat up on him. The scourging was commanded. The crucifixion was ordered. But who would draw pleasure out of spitting on a half-dead man? Spitting isn’t intended to hurt the body, and it can’t.

Spitting is intended to degrade the soul, and it does. What were the soldiers doing? Were they not elevating themselves at the expense of another? They felt big by making Christ look small. Have we ever done that?

Maybe we’ve never spit on anyone, but have we gossiped or slandered? Have we ever raised our hand in anger or rolled our eyes in arrogance? Have we ever blasted our high beams in someone else’s rearview mirror? Ever made someone feel bad so we would feel good?

That’s what the soldiers did to Jesus and when you and I do this, we do it to Jesus too. Matthew is clear on that. “I assure you, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!” (Matthew 25:40 NLT). The fact is that how we treat others is how we treat Jesus.

Maybe we want to excuse ourselves by saying, “But, I don’t like to hear that.” But we must face the fact that there is something beastly within each and every one of us. Something vile that makes us do things that surprise even us. Have we ever surprised ourselves or reflected on something we’ve done an act and wondered, “What got into me?” The Bible has a specific three-letter answer for that question. WE know it as…S-I-N.

Now, allow the spit of the soldiers to symbolize the filth in our hearts. Then observe what Jesus does with our filth. He carries it to the cross.

Through the prophet he said, “I did not hide my face from mocking and spitting.” (Isaiah 50:60 NIV) Mingled with his blood and sweat was our spit, the essence of our sin. God could have deemed otherwise. In God’s plan, Jesus was offered wine for his throat, so why not a towel for his face? Simon carried the cross of Jesus, but he didn’t wipe the cheek of Jesus. Angels were a prayer away. Couldn’t they have taken the spittle away?

They could have, but Jesus never commanded them to. For some reason, the One who chose the nails also chose the saliva. Along with the spear and the sponge of man, he bore the spit of man. In the courtyard Jesus received, what seemed, the brunt of hostile humanity. We know it didn’t stop there, it was only the beginning.

As Easter approaches let’s check our motives against our actions. It’s our opportunity to dispel any thoughts of hostility to prove the holiness we are to embody. We celebrate Easter because it represents a clean start. It’s our opportunity to wipe our spit off Jesus’ face and plead for forgiveness.

And do you know what? (You’re supposed to say, “What?”) Jesus smiles, invites us to the celebration. And when we walk in, we see all those people we’ve spit on and they, too, are glad to see us. Aren’t we blessed to know that we don’t have to walk around with spit on our face? It’s all possible because Jesus took our spit (our SIN) to the grave and left it there. …

Happy Easter. Pastor David