Listen to What You Hear
Delivered By
From Pastor David
Delivered On
February 3, 2017
Listen to What You Hear

     Have you ever thought about the difference between hearing and listening?  Did you know there was a difference?  To "listen" means that we are paying attention to the sound, thoughtful and considerate attention to the sound.  To "hear" refers to perceiving something with our ears.   

    Each and every day there are literally thousands of sounds that compete for our attention.  There are so many different sounds that most of us do not pay attention to most of them.  The television can be on, the phone ringing, and everyone in our house talking at once and we can still tune most of it out.  It is not that we are not hearing the noise, but we are not listening to it. 

     God gave us ears to hear the beauty of sound, and He gave us the ability to listen so that the sound can be understood.  When both hearing and listening work together, we have an understanding of the purpose of the sound.  We can hear music but not listen to the words.  When both music and lyrics are understood, the beauty and meaning of the whole song is revealed to us.  We can hear the words of a person speaking to us, but if we truly listen to the person, we will better understand their heart and the meaning behind their words.  The same principle holds true with God's Word.  We can hear the Word preached, taught and read.  We can read the Word ourselves and hear our own voices speak it.  But, when we really listen to God's Word, then our understanding begins to change.  So many times, people leave church after having heard a sermon and don’t remember anything about it.  When we are listening and give consideration to what we hear, we will leave thinking about what we just heard.  The next step is to start having a conversation with God, asking Him to open up more of our understanding.

    Friends, we are starting a brand new day.  As you read this, take time today to think about how much you hear versus how much you listen.  How much are you missing that God has for you?  Is He talking to you but you are not paying attention?  Take your Bible and read the entire chapter in Isaiah 28.  (Other suggested readings are Exodus 9 and Matthew 15:21-39)   But instead of just reading the words and hearing them in your head, pray the Holy Spirit will give you the power to truly listen and to understand the message God has for you.  When God’s Word is transformed into His voice speaking to you in your life, then your hearing and listening will open up a new world of understanding for you. Your life will change and take on new meaning.  But it all begins with understanding the difference between hearing and listening.  I pray that we all start listening to God today. 

     I don’t know who wrote the song, but The Gaither Vocal Band sings it.  Tune it in and “listen” to the words to “He is Here.”  Here’s the chorus…  “He is here, Hallelujah!  He is here, Amen!  He is here, Holy, Holy, I will bless His name again.  He is here, listen closely, hear Him calling out your name, He is here, you can touch Him, you will never be the same.”     

Praying that you’ll join me and “listen” for His continual presence,

Pastor David