On What (or On Whom) Do We Stand?
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From Pastor David
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August 6, 2017
On What (or On Whom) Do We Stand?

 Our old family home was built in 1903 and still stands.  The property is somewhat updated & still contains relics from the previous generations who settled close by.  We still find old plow points in the field.  There have been pottery shards found in various places.  The pit where the clay was dug to make bricks is still visible.  The concrete cistern still stands to the side of the house with the hand pump leaning against the wall.  But, the thing that holds my interest is the old well.  My great grandfather decided there needed to be a better source of water for the family.  With the help of some farm hands, the project began.  With picks, shovels, hammers and hand drills they began the digging process.  Many days and sixty-two feet later water was found.  They dug another six feet which made a sizable basin to hold water.  They began to line the sides of the well with rocks that had been excavated from the hole and used smaller rocks to fill between the well wall and the larger hole.  At the top of the well they placed a large clay culvert, and then they built the traditional well house, complete with rope, pulley and bucket.  This well still exists and was the main source of water until the early eighties.      

  When my parents retired in the early seventies, we moved into my grandparent’s home.  Everything looked pretty much as it had for the previous seventy years.  The concern was the well.  It hadn’t been used for about a decade.  Daddy was a little concerned about the time it had been sitting with no use.  The plan was devised that we would pump the well dry, build a windless, lower someone into the well to inspect the well walls and clean as necessary.  I’m not sure how it happened, but I won the lottery to do the job.  I still remember being lowered ever so slowly into the three foot opening with hardhat, flashlight, bucket, and scrub brush.  Foot by foot I was lowered, scrubbing as I went.  Every so often I was raised back up to rest.  Daddy and by brother would then lower me back into the dark, damp hole to resume the tedious work.  It took a day and a half to reach the bottom which still held water.  We knew the well was supposed to be sixty-eight feet.  In measuring, we found that to the top of the water was sixty-four feet.  As I was lowered into the cold water I finally felt what I thought was the bottom which was about two feet below the water.  I put my weight down and my feet continued to sink into the muck and whatever else had fallen into the well.  Finally, I stood on what I hoped was solid ground but the “stuff” around my feet and legs…let’s just say it wasn’t very comforting.  That, coupled with the tiny light at the “end of the tunnel,” and knowing I couldn’t get out on my own gave me a very uneasy feeling.  My imagination conjured up this image of being trapped in a deep dark pit with a mucky bottom in which I would be forever trapped.    

 I think back about that experience and wonder if any of us ever feel like I did?  Do the circumstances of life, our situations, or decisions, cause us to feel we are in a deep, dark and damp (wet) pit with no way out?  (I even wonder if our patriarch Joseph felt like this in the cistern.)  Maybe a lot of us have felt like this at some time.    

  Reading the words of King David in Psalm 40 should give us all hope and encouragement.  If David had such moments of despair, then we must know that our feelings of being trapped in a pit of miry clay are not unknown to our Lord.  Jesus knew how David felt, and He knows how we feel.  The Lord hears our cries, inclines His ear to listen to us, and He will not only lift us up, but will lead us out.  The key is to trust Him to do so.  We must believe that the Lord is going to rescue us because we cannot do it in our own strength. Trying to climb our way out of the darkness is exhausting and depressing.  Sometimes it is in that darkest moment, that we sense a hand reaching down, picking us up and setting our feet back on the rock. We did not need to try; we just needed to surrender our fears to the Lord.    

  Where are you today? Are you hunkered down in the “horrible pit” or are you standing “upon The Mighty Rock”?  Regardless of the place you find yourself, know the truth that the Lord is right there with you.  He is the only way out of the pit, and He is the only One who can establish our steps in the right direction. Pray today to trust Jesus for all your needs and that in trusting Him, you can wait patiently for His perfect timing. 

Praising God that He is our Rock,

Pastor David

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