Our Dear Grace Family,
Delivered By
From Pastor David
Delivered On
November 4, 2019
Our Dear Grace Family,

Our Dear Grace Family,

Sherry and I would be amiss in not sharing our heartfelt thanks for all your kindnesses during Pastor Appreciation Month and each special blessing we receive from our Grace and Union family throughout the year. We have, once again, been amazed by all the calls, food, bulletin boards, notes, cards, letters (texts, emails, etc.), gift cards, hugs and smiles, meals with staff & other workers, worship services, opportunities of entertainment, laughter, and so many other sincere displays of your gracious love and support. We are constantly amazed and blessed by the multiple ways in which our lives are enriched and encouraged by our precious sisters and brothers. To try and express a proper “Thank You” would be impossible, so from the bottom of our hearts (and we have real big hearts)…“THANK YOU.” WOW…what a wonderful family!

Over the past couple months, we have had a few unusual “opportunities” come up. The Church has been most helpful in attending to each item and ensuring that any disruptions are as minimal as possible. The ongoing work of the Trustees and SPRC is so appreciated as the issues at the Parsonage are addressed and we work through the decision-making process. We appreciate your continual generosity and precious care.

With the temporary change of residences that has occurred, we also are so appreciative of the gift of a new washer and dryer. You never know what a convenience it is to have facilities readily available until they don’t exist! Again, thank you to the Trustees, SPRC and Council for this extremely appreciated gift!

We were blessed by the wonderful Pastor Appreciation Worship Service by Grayson, Allie, Katie and Alex. To sit with Sherry and enjoy the service was wonderful. It was nice to be an encourager for the youth and at the same time be encouraged by them. “Thank You” to our dear youth! You did an amazing job with the service. The skits hit home reminding us about the “sorry” excuses we come up with because of self-centeredness and not being the servant or witness we’re called to be. Way to go all our youth!

The Staff… …what can I say? It’s a real gift to have the best Staff in the world! Tommy, Pat, Sheryl, Karen, George, and Grayson we appreciate you more than you know. To serve with you is a blessing beyond measure. You all have done so much to encourage, care, offer suggestions, and be great friends. Without you Grace would not be the same. We share a hearty “Thank You” to each of you and pray we can reciprocate your kindness.

It is impossible to name all our fellow Grace sisters and brothers and community members that have made ministry so wonderful. We are so appreciative of all you have shared with us and the many blessings we’ve received because of who and Whose you are.

Thank you so much!  Most sincerely in the precious love of our Lord, Sherry and David