Sit Down and Do What?
Delivered By
Rev. David Bauknight, Pastor
Delivered On
October 18, 2018

Isn’t it wonderful to have a TDL? In case you don’t know a TDL is a To Do List, sometimes known
as the honey-do-list, or the GDBSETUAWUTCWAP list (gotta-do-before-something-else-tears-up-andwe’re-
up-the creek-without-a-paddle list. Believe it or not, I made that one up ) As we undertake one of
these items on our TDL, sometimes in haste we might not sit down and count the cost. Recently, I
started on an item of my extensive TDL. After visual inspection, I realized there was going to be some
major tedious work required. I sat down, examined what I could see and prepared a checklist of items I
was going to need. I made out a tool and material list while trying to figure how much time it might
take. Do you know how to say “underestimated”? I went to the store and purchased what I thought was
necessary for the project. It became quickly apparent during the demolition progress that, I was going to
have to go back to the store for more materials to complete the work. I soon realized that there was also
more work than daylight left. After another trip to the store I resumed the work. As usually happens
when you’re in a hurry…something happens. My “something” was a cut water line. Praise the Lord!!
God gave another opportunity to go back to the air-conditioned store! I also had the unique experience
of sharing my bountiful resources with the store while purchasing the unplanned necessary parts to
complete the unplanned project…before getting close to finishing the original project. Isn’t God
extremely good with His interruptions, so we can re-evaluate ourselves (motives, attitudes, reasons,
excuses…) and check out His TDL?
I share this as a reminder of counting the cost of what work we have ahead. It’s also that nudge to be
more carefully in task planning. How important to think, not just about starting a task, but what it will
take to completely finish it! In my circumstance years ago, I believe my intentions were pretty good. The
question is, did I consider all the factors like time, material and the possible delays caused by haste? Probably not,
especially in retrospect of the learning opportunity to sharpen my plumbing skills. The result was additional
“costs” (time, resources, etc.) that had not been originally calculated.
Jesus said in Luke 14:28, “For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count
the cost, whether he has enough to finish it.” Consider the meaning of this as we consider the next
“project” the Lord has for us in this journey called life.
In this passage Jesus gives us a stark reminder to take the necessary steps now, so we will be on the right
course to complete this project called life. As Christians, we need to take these words seriously. Consistency,
perseverance and patience strengthen character and teach us how to be wise builders, whether in our homes, work,
relationships, church activities or personal growth. Jesus reminds us that the goal is to finish what was started.
We must be careful not to be distracted by our personal endeavors (or how Satan pulls our attention away from
God’s plan) and fail to finish what we started. He even says that if we don’t finish what is started, we’ll be
mocked and scoffed at by others.
Think about it, there are people watching us all the time. Maybe they are just waiting for us to fail. But as we
put aside our projects and focus on what God is asking, we’ll never fail because he is the Master Project Foreman,
and He always knows exactly what we need and when. Our goal? Regardless of the size and scope of the project,
we are to (“stop”), “sit down” and “count the cost.”
Do you have an idea for a new project? Have you considered the cost? Before jumping in head first stop, sit
down and go to the Lord in sincere prayer asking for His guidance. He’s given us the complete plans from start to
finish and we find confirmation for these plans in God’s word. As we truly seek His will and plans for us, He will
show us what to do and how to finish them. So often, we are in much more of a hurry than God is. So, let’s chill
our jets and be prepared to wait on Him. Finishing something we started is tremendously satisfying. Realizing
the Lord has a plan for us and always leads our steps through the entire task brings both earthly and spiritual
fulfillment, because the journey means as much as the destination. Thanking God for His continual guidance and
for the willing spirit to faithfully follow Him…Pastor David.