The Methodist Exchange
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Shared by Pastor David and Rev. Melvin Cooke
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June 8, 2019
The Methodist Exchange

It’s hard to believe that it’s only three weeks till Sherry and I leave for England! We are deeply appreciative to Grace for allowing us this wonderful opportunity to share in the Exchange Program. We’ve been inquiring about this for about five years and now it is a reality. We will be going to Reigate Methodist Church in Reigate, England, to serve for six Sundays beginning June 30th. While there, we’ll also enjoy the Horley, Trinity, Red Hill and St. Paul Methodist Churches.

Rev. Melvyn Cooke will be arriving on June 26. He is currently serving as the Superintendent of the Redhill and East Grinstead Circuit which we will be serving while in the UK. It truly has been a great time corresponding with Melvyn and some of the other servants of the Circuit.

As the time nears, we appreciate all your prayers, suggestions and the assistance to ensure Melvyn is cared for while in Union. Grace is truly amazing! Below is some information about Melvyn.,,,,,,,,,,,, Blessings…Pastor David

 I am married to Lynda, who is also a Methodist Minister, but who works as the lead chaplain for one of the largest health care hospitals in the south of England, in fact she works in what is the town I grew up in, and left to go into church leadership as a pastor at the age of 17.

Lynda and I met in the Salvation Army’s international theological college in London, and were ordained in the Salvation Army and exercised our ministry with them for some 22 years before our ministry was transferred to the Methodist Church in 1995.

We have four children and seven grandchildren, all of our children are active in their respective churches, with one son who will come out of theological college this June to become a Methodist minister, and another son who will enter theological college next year to become a Baptist minister. Unfortunately due to work commitments it is unlikely that Lynda will be able to join me during my time with you.

Apart from my family, I enjoy music, particularly brass bands, and I love to watch most sports, and occasionally I like to hack my way around a golf course.

I have been in my present appointment as Superintendent minister of the Redhill and East Grinstead Circuit, and this is my third appointment as a Superintendent, and I have a passion to help churches become healthy churches and thus fulfil both the great commission and great commandment.

My time with you all will be the second time I have had the honour of being part of the pastorate exchange programme, and I am looking forward to sharing in fellowship, learning from you all, and hopefully adding to your journey in Christ.

Blessing and love, Melvyn