When God Speaks...How Do We Respond?
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From Pastor David
Delivered On
March 3, 2016
When God Speaks...How Do We Respond?


This psalmist dealt with the same issues of guilt and unworthiness that we have today. When we consider all that God requires, we believe His standard is too high, and we’re doomed before we even start. We begin to think, "How am I to follow His ways when God's ways are perfect, and I’m not?" Like the psalmist, we cry out, Oh, I wish my ways were consistent in following and obeying You. Then I would feel better about myself.

I was reading Genesis 46 where God told Israel (Joseph’s father) to move to Egypt. The story just prior to that, we know well. Joseph is sold to the Midianites by his brothers. Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce Joseph and he flees from her. She lied about what happened, and Potiphar throws Joseph in prison. Joseph begins interpreting dreams and finally interprets Pharaoh’s dream. Joseph found favor in Pharaoh’s eyes, is released, and then is given control of the land of Egypt. His brothers come needing grain, and we witness forgiveness and grace. In Chapter 46, Joseph’s family is reunited because they followed exactly what God said instead of letting personal feelings and thoughts distract them from the destiny God planned. What we find again is the desire to follow God’s ways and the ensuing result.

Now, as we should always thank God for all His provisions regardless of our circumstances because where we find ourselves today may very well be the proving grounds of something much greater tomorrow. Our current situations are not permanent. Our call is to always obey God’s decrees, and the only way we know what they are is through faithfulness to His word and a growing relationship with Him. We should never think of ourselves any higher than we ought. Jesus provides us with all that we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). It is because of Jesus that we can have a relationship with the Father. When our shortcomings turn our focus to ourselves, we feel unworthy and expereince guilt and condemnation. When our eyes are focused on Jesus, despite our shortcomings, we are thankful to Him. God wants our gratitude for our sake. He already knows our shortcomings and the extent of our ability to sin, but He saved us anyway and He loves us.

In this season we are approaching the cross, Jesus death, and the glorious resurrection. As we focus on God’s word, we are encouraged because of the consistency of God. His only desire is our sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. There’s no question that He wants us to sing to Him in gratitude for all He has done and is doing. The word sacrifice reminds us that giving Him thanks and praise is not easy when we are feeling guilty, angry, frustrated, depressed or miserable. But by praising Him during those times, it releases our faith to look to Him instead of ourselves. Anticipating the glorious resurrection day...Pastor David.