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   May 2016   
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Thank you for visiting the 

Grace United Methodist Church web-site!

Welcome to Grace United Methodist Church (GUMC) and our website. Here you will find information concerning our church and its ministries. We hope you find your time spent here a blessing. Our church is a warm and loving church, and we want you to feel comfortable and at liberty to call on us for anything you need. Feel free to browse through the various areas of our website and learn about our fellowship.

If you are considering a new place of worship or a relocation to our area, we would love to have you be our guest.

When you visit our church, you will find:

  • A caring congregation that will gladly welcome you
  • Preaching/teaching that is centered on the Word of God
  • Ministries to meet the spiritual needs of every age

In His Care,
Pastor David










Please click here to view a 2-minute video on Rethinking Church.



Wishing all our Mothers a very blessed

Mother’s Day!



Image result for cave quest
Grace United Methodist Church  invites Children 4k – 5th grade  to Cave Quest VBS 2016: Sunday, June 26 - Thursday, June 30 from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. (Registration Deadline 6/10)
Cave Quest VBS is a summer kid’s event where children will discover what it means to, “Follow Jesus, the Light of the World”.  Kids participate in memorable Bible-learning activities, sing catchy songs, play teamwork-building games, dig into yummy food, experience one-of-a-kind Bible adventures, and test out Sciency-Fun Gizmos they’ll take home and play with all summer long.
You can find the registration form by clicking here.
VBS Coordination Team  
   Rev. David Bauknight   Sherry  Bauknight   Karen Hibbard      Margie Ruff 
For more information, call Grace UMC @ 864-427-1266. 


Image result for epworth children's homeEpworth Mother’s Day Offering-      

                       TRANSFORM A CHILD’S FUTURE 

Each year, Epworth Children’s Home provides care to children in our own communities who have experienced abuse, neglect, and loss.  Epworth’s care breaks the destructive cycle and encourages children to aim higher in life.   Each child receives the physical, emotional, academic, and spiritual care they need to transform their lives.  This care makes a difference.  It develops long-term healing, self-worth and self-confidence.  It transforms children who are three years behind in school into honor roll students, high school graduates, and college students.  Epworth’s care provides spiritual nourishment to strengthen their relationship with God.  On Sunday, May 8, 2016, our congregation will support Epworth by collecting the Annual Epworth Mother’s Day Offering.  Without the support of churches like ours, Epworth could not provide transformational care for children in need.  We invite you to give generously to the children who call Epworth home.  Epworth does not receive denominational funding (apportionments).  This offering is our opportunity to support this vital ministry. For more information, please visit Epworth on the web at 


Graduate Day May 15th  Image result for graduation cap

  This year we have four Union County High School graduates.  They are: Anna Kathryn Kelly who will be attending Winthrop University to study history. Mallory Elizabeth McGee - USC– Columbia studying nursing, Grayson Edward Fallaw - Presbyterian College studying history, and Damian Clint Smallwood - The Citadel studying criminal justice.  Grads will receive an engraved Bible during church as well as enjoy, along with their families, a lunch after services.   Deadline to turn in the number of guests is May 9th.   

We also congratulate our higher education graduates: Jacob Arnold from Liberty University in Business Management, Harrison Kelly from Midlands Technical College in Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear Power Systems and in August Cal Arnold from Clemson University in Agricultural Mechanization.  Also, John Simmons Fallaw will obtain his Masters of Accounting from Clemson in August .  We are so proud of all of you! Congratulations! 


Recent Bible Study a Transforming Blessing to All  

We are deeply grateful to Fran Love who led the recent Bible study, Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus: How the Jewishness of Jesus Can Transform Your Faith.  Participants of this class gained a deeper understanding of Jesus by seeing His world through the eyes of first-century Jews! They took time to explore ancient Palestine while looking at the culture, customs, feasts, and prayers that shaped Christ and his disciples.

Many of the students openly praised Fran and her style of teaching after every meeting.  We pray that Fran will continue to use her gifts to share future Bible studies with our members.


Additional Church Calendar Info

You can now find additional calendar information for general church information , as well as the monthly youth  and GUMCEP calendars.   These calendars can be found under INFO CENTER under CALENDARS (or click above on blue section.)  Thanks to our staff members for providing this information with "up- to- the- minute" changes for our members.


Staff Thanks Our Wonderful SPRC!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Words are powerless to express the gratitude the staff felt for the thoughtful appreciation reception held on our behalf, Monday, February 22nd. There was so much laughter and joy that evening! We also wish to extend our thankfulness for your continued love and support. You are not only a supportive working committee within our church, but caring, kind friends as well! May God continue to bless and guide all of us as we embark upon our future Christian walk together! In His love,

Grace UMC Staff


Now Available: Electronic Giving!

Grace UMC is pleased to announce a convenient new way to make your regular offerings. With our new electronic giving program, you can easily set up a recurring giving schedule or make one-time contributions. We encourage you to set up a schedule of recurring contributions. It’s convenient for you and provides much-needed consistency for our church.

If you are currently giving on a weekly basis, you will no longer need to write out 52 checks a year or prepare 52 envelopes. Even when travel, illness or other circumstances prevent you from attending services, our church will continue to receive your contributions on an uninterrupted basis.

To become an electronic giver, you may simply click the DONATE button on this site or download the Joyfully2UMC app on your Smart phone and select Grace United Methodist Church to follow the easy instructions.


Grace United Methodist Women

Begin New Mission Project

The Grace UMW has chosen to participate in "The Backpack Ministry". This ministry provides food for children for a weekend. A bag consists of two proteins, two juices, two breakfast items, two starches and two treats. The items are packed in a plastic grocery bag delivered to various schools and left in the office. The children to receive the food are called to the office at the end of school on Friday and the bag is placed inside their backpacks. In this way, the child’s dignity is kept in tack and no one knows. The week of March 18th, 39 bags were provided and distributed to different elementary schools in the county. It costs approximately $2.50 per bag to feed a child for two days. If you are interested in assisting with this very meaningful ministry, please contact Jeannette Galloway.


Get Your Copy of Our Updated History

Recently, Dr. Allan Charles updated Grace’s history and had it published. Dr. Charles has added to the original book written by Fannie Lee Sparks in 1973. This is the third edition to the original manuscript. It was first updated in 1989 by Miss Sparks and then in 2015 by Dr. Charles. The History of Grace UMC makes great presents for your family and friends. Stop by the church office today and purchase your copy for $9.00.



Clemson University Center for Corporate Learning is offering a summer reading program taught by the Institute of Reading Development. This individualized program includes engaging online instruction, effective materials and great books. Your child will be able to complete the online lessons independently, and you will receive support from a reading teacher. This program helps children develop the skills and confidence to make their next grade a big success!

Learn long-word decoding skills

Develop fluency

Build comprehension

Become a strong, independent reader

Visit the Welcome Table for forms and more information.

To enroll or inquire about cost, please call 1-800-258-9065.


Image result for imagine no malaria

Imagine No Malaria

Imagine No Malaria is the United Methodist church-wide effort to eradicate malaria in Africa and eliminate deaths caused by this preventable disease, a goal world leaders hoped to accomplish by 2015.

Malaria is preventable, but infects nearly 500 million people each year and kills more than one million of those who become infected. Ninety percent of deaths caused by malaria occur in Africa where the disease is a leading killer of children. Every 60 seconds a child dies from malaria. Children who are able to survive the disease are faced with physical and mental impairments, such as poor growth and development. Moreover, every day 25 million pregnant African women risk severe illness and harm to their unborn children from a malaria infection. Malaria contributes to low birth weight among newborn infants, one of the leading risk factors for infant mortality.

Our efforts may have started with sending nets (Nothing but Nets), but they do not stop there. In addition to preventing malaria with bed nets, eliminating deaths caused by this disease will require educating communities and health care workers, developing health care infrastructure and making advancements in health care communications. Imagine No Malaria will create a stronger and more broad-based community health infrastructure to help The United Methodist Church in the fight against diseases of poverty.

At Charge Conference this year, our District Superintendent, Reverend Dr. Paul Harmon, stated that he would contribute $5.00 to each Spartanburg District Church to get their funds started for this important UMC endeavor. (He actually gave Grace UMC $6.00 thereby indicating that he loves us best, I guess. LOL) Let’s remember to do our part by contributing to this worthy cause as we "Imagine No Malaria" together.

Please click here for more information and to make a donation.


Church, Let's Invite, Invite, Invite!

Quote from Lutheran Lay Leader Brian Stoffregen, "Everything I've read states that by far the most effective resource for increasing church membership is the members themselves inviting others to church.  I've heard mission developers state (although I don't know if any have tried it) that the money spent on mass mailings or TV ads would have a better return if it was given to members to invite someone to church."

we need everyone's help in inviting adults and children to Sunday School and church!  Together, we can do it! 

Pastor David


Union County Meals on Wheels

Union County Meals on Wheels is looking for drivers to assist in keeping deliveries on track as we aid the needful citizens of Union.  This ministry might allow a Sunday School class or other church organization an additional opportunity to serve a mission outreach program.  For more information, please contact Jim Stepp at 427-1598 or Lynn Momane at 427-7974.  Please remember Meals on Wheels in your prayers. 

Jim Stepp


For all the Annual Conference updates, please visit, click on 2015 Annual Conference found on the right column and select the daily summaries. 


                 UMCmarket- Your Giving Matters

UMCmarket is the United Methodist Church's program for donations through online shopping.  UMCmarket has been vetted and proven by The United Methodist Church's General Council of Finance and Administration, GCFA, as a new way to create income-streams to our local churches and ministries.  All donations acquired through the member's shopping goes directly to our churches or UMC organizations. 

How it works-   click here for video overview

Get started:
Go to UMCmarket and sign up by clicking on the "start donating" button and entering your email address and a password of your choice in the box provided.

Download the Easy Give Button:
You will be prompted to download the Easy Give Button. This browser app will allow you to shop directly at participating store websites and ensure your donation percentage will be sent to your ministry. An activation box will pop up to tell you that the stores site participates in our program. You will also see the browser icon glow green when you are shopping at a store that donates through UMCmarket. Green means go! You are shopping and donating! .

Find your ministry: Enter the name of your UMC church or ministry when you reach the find ministry prompt. If you have trouble finding your church, try to search for the name (exclude UMC or United Methodist etc.) and add the town or state it is located in. If you still don’t find it, e-mail our support team at and we will help you get connected..

Time to shop:
Browse through all our categories and choose to shop from our hundreds of stores. Every time you shop the stores will donate a portion of your purchase back to your selected UMC church or ministry. Make sure to log in before going to the stores and to have an empty shopping cart before you start to shop. Also, you need to complete your purchase within 24 hours to be eligible for a donation If you have downloaded the Easy Give Button, you can go directly to the stores websites to shop and donate! Remember, green means go!

What stores are participating and how much do they give back?
Under the tab Stores you can search for stores in many different categories. Next to every store you will see the percentage that they have agreed to pay back every time you make a purchase. Your donations will automatically appear in your account for all stores except for AMAZON. Amazon purchases are directly donated to your church from Amazon and will be registered as donated from "Amazon".  To ensure your donations from Amazon, it is recommended to go to the UMCmarket site first, then enter from there.

When will my church get the donations I create?
Every time you have made a purchase you’ll get an email stating the amount of your donation. Depending on the store and if they have the item in stock or not, it can take up to 7 days for them to reply. Every month the church with a accumulated value from donations that have been approved of $100 or more will receive a check from UMCmarket. If the accumulated total is less than $100, it will roll-over to the next month until the accumulated amount reaches $100.

How is it possible
We've partnered with hundreds of stores who have agreed to give back a portion of your purchase. It’s their way of saying “thank you” to UMCmarket for referring customers to them. The money that you get back goes automatically as a donation to the ministry that you have selected in your account.

Thank you for supporting your United Methodist ministry!
The more people that know about UMCmarket, the more your church or ministry benefits. So, please help us spread the word!


Click here to try here to try UMCmarket out!et out!Click here to try UMCmarket out!Click here to try UMCmarket out!

GUARDIAN ad LITEM (GAL) Program in Union County

Please consider serving as a GAL volunteer 4-6 hours a month in Union County and be a consistent presence for children who have been placed in foster care.  See the brochure available on our web-site (under "Info Center") for more details.



You can now submit a prayer request via the web-site!  Just look on the left-hand column and submit your prayer request using the short form provided, including :

1. Your name

2. Your e-mail address

3. Prayer Title is the name of a person or reason you are     requesting prayer

4. Prayer details include any details you wish to share about person or reason.

5.  Select a category that addresses your request.  Then submit!

Your request will show up under the "Prayer" icon and will be shared with our church family as well as community members who are visiting our web-site.   Help us as we strive to be better Prayer Warriors! 


                    Grace Pictorial Directories are In! 

If  you had a picture taken for the directory, your family receives a free copy.  Additional copies may be purchased for $6.00.  Please see Sherry Bauknight for your copy.



Contact Information  
Grace United Methodist Church
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Phone (864)427-1266
Regular Schedule  
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  • Sunday School
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  • Boy/Cub Scouts
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  • CARE Group
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  • Bible Study
    10:30 AM
  • Youth Night
    6:00 PM
  • Youth Night
    6:00 PM
  • Chancel Choir Rehearsal
    7:30 PM
Due to predicted inclement weather, the MYF car wash has been postponed until June 4th.
Church Office Closed for Memorial Day
Newsletter Deadline

The Grace Messenger is published every month and is full of interesting and vital information for the congregation. If you have information you would like included in the newsletter, please submit your information print ready by the third Wednesday of the month prior to publication. IE for the March newsletter the deadline will be February 17th. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this deadline.

Lucy Lee Shuler not meeting in February
Easter Cantata Planned

The Easter Cantata “Christ Arose” will be presented along with narration by the Chancel Choir on Palm Sunday, March 20th.  Be sure to mark your calendars now, and invite your family and friends for this special Easter Exaltation!

Convenient Bulletin Sign-up/Tear-offs for Fund Raisers and Dinners

For your convenience, ushers will hand out bulletins with a sign-up, tear off section for Fund Raisers and Dinners. You may wait until you get home to cut it off with scissors and bring it back, or simply fold it back and forth a few times creasing with your fingers each time as you go. It will tear right off! You may then place it in the offering plate or in the Convenient Drop-off Box on the Welcome Table, whichever is the most convenient for you!

Text and e-mail reminders

You can sigh up for text and email reminders on our beautiful website by clicking on the event on the left-hand side and simply following the prompts or call the office at 427-1266 to sign up to give your cell phone and e-mail. 

Check out our new recently added videos!
Check out our new Children's Ministry Brochure

Located under Info Center- just click and open!

Convenience Drop Boxes on Welcome Table

Two boxes are available for drop-off when church office is closed or staff is busy. Supplies are there for your use.   

UMC Market Opportunity to Help Our Church

Shop and help our church at the same time!  Check out the details under "Events" and please sign up to help our church.



Children's Safety is Top Priority at Grace

Hey Parents! 

As another step in an effort to ensure safety at Grace, we now have an usher in the Educational Building to monitor activity (helping a child go to the Sanctuary during worship, answering guest questions, giving directions, etc.) 

We also want to protect the privacy of our children (& families) with any picture content added to our church web page.  If you consent to your child’s picture appearing on the Grace web page or other electronic means, please complete a photo release form found under  the"Info Center" tab on the web page or complete a form available on the information table in the Ed Building. Submission of the form will allow us to post church pictures that may include your child.   If you have any questions please contact Pastor David at 427-1266.  Thank you for allowing us to share great moments at Grace through photos!


Help us keep our church family informed!

We are striving to make the Grace web-site as informative and current as possible.  If you have any infomration that needs to be shared with our church family, please e-mail leave a voice message at 864-426-2037.  We will add information to the web-site as quickly as possible.  Thank you for visiting our site!

Prayer Warriors- now add your prayer requests online!

You can now submit a prayer request via the web-site!  Just look on the left-hand column and submit your prayer request using the short form provided.  Your request will be shared with the church family as well as community members who are visiting our web-site.   Help us as we strive to be better Prayer Warriors!