Loyalty Information to Date May 2020

Offering Report as of: April 26, 2020

2020 Budget:                                                                $ 379,325.00
Needed for 2020 Budget YTD:                                     $ 124,010.10               
Offering Rec’d Last Week:                                            $     1,425.00
Budget Rec’d YTD:                                                       $ 109,770.16                            
Surplus/Deficit YTD:                                                      $  -14,239.94
Weekly Offering Needed:                                              $      7,294.71

Please put Grace as a priority in your financial planning. Our combined gifts keep the Church’s mission alive and growing. Thank you so much!! There are several ways to continue tithing during this time: mail to the church, send an electronic check through your online banking or send through Vanco (available on our web-site).

Sincerely, Pastor David