Rev. Lee Phillips Jr.

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Director of Ministries

Karen Hibbard

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Organist and Choirmaster

Tommy Bishop

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Thomas Earl “Tommy” Bishop joined the staff of Grace United Methodist Church as Organist/Choirmaster on June 4th, 2014 after serving for 32 years as Organist/Director of Music at First Presbyterian Church.  A life-long resident of Union, Tommy began taking piano lessons at age 5 with his great aunt, Mabel Malone Godshall.  When he was 13, Frank Nabors, who then was organist at First Presbyterian Church, began teaching him organ.  He also took lessons from former Grace United Methodist Church organist, Cecil Ringer and attended the Winthrop College Academy of Music where he studied with Dr. David Lowry.  After graduating from Union High School in 1980, Bishop attended USC-Union where he received an Associate in Science degree.  He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education from Limestone College where he studied organ with Robert Sutter and piano with Joyce Welch.  While at Limestone, he received the award for Outstanding Achievement in Music Performance.  Bishop has been a church organist for the past 38 years having begun at the age of 14 at his home church, the Episcopal Church of the Nativity where he is a 4th generation member.  He also has served as organist for mass at St. Augustine Catholic Church for the past 20 years.  He has been a private piano and organ teacher for the past 29 years and an adjunct faculty member of USC-U for the past 10 years.  Bishop is also a member of the Union County Arts Council Board, the Union Music Club where he is a past president, the Union County Historical Society, and the Spartanburg Chapter of the American Guild of Organists where he is a past dean.  He has played for countless weddings, funerals, graduations, community church services, and other events in Union County over the past 38 years.

Office Manager/Administrative Assistant

Sheryl Price

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Financial Administrator

Pat Owens

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Facilities Manager

George Spencer

Servant Leaders 2021

2021 Servant Leaders

Servant Leaders for 2021

      * PASTOR                                                                                                             David D. Bauknight

         ORGANIST/CHOIR DIRECTOR                                                                        Tommy Bishop

      * DIRECTOR OF MINISTRIES                                                                              Karen Hibbard

        OFFICE MANAGER                                                                                            Sheryl Price

         FINANCE ADMINISTRATOR                                                                             Pat Owens

              CUSTODIAN                                                                                                      George Spencer

           * LAY LEADER                                                                                                      Frank Hart

      * LAY MEMBER TO ANNUAL CONFERENCE                                                     Frances Adams          

         ALTERNATE LAY MEMBERS TO CONFERENCE                                            Jane & Buddy Wilkes

      * RECORDING SECRETARY                                                                               Margie Ruff

         WEBSITE MANAGER                                                                                        Dale Goff

      * CHURCH COUNCIL SERVANT LEADER                                                          Dale Goff

      * FINANCE SERVANT LEADER                                                                           Nancy Kennedy

      * TRUSTEES SERVANT LEADER                                                                        Tommy Sherbert

      * STAFF-PARISH RELATIONS SERVANT LEADER                                             Ralph Thompson

      * TREASURER                                                                                                       Mary Lou Gregory

                SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENTS                                                       Karen Hibbard & Margie Ruff

                SUNDAY SCHOOL SECRETARIES                                                                  Sally Palmer, Margie Ruff,                                                                                                                                                                                 Karen Hibbard, Mary Lou Gregory

                MCF/SONSHINERS COORDINATOR’S                                                           Karen Hibbard & Margie Ruff

                CARE GROUP COORDINATOR                                                                       Frances Adams

             * NURTURE SERVANT LEADER                                                                         Pat Owens

             * ALTAR GUILD COORDINATOR                                                                         Freada Jackson

                HEAD GREETER                                                                                              Ralph Greer  (In Memory of)      

                USHER COORDINATOR                                                                                  Glenn Hibbard           

                ACOLYTE COORDINATOR                                                                               Allie Owens

                COMMUNION STEWARD COORDINATOR                                                     Dawn Fallaw

             * HEALTH & WELFARE SERVANT LEADER                                                       Pat Nichols

             * HOSPITALITY COORDINATOR                                                                         TBD

             * UNITED METHODIST WOMEN SERVANT LEADER                                       Sheryl Price

                LOVE & SERVICE (Bereavement Ministry)                                                       Jane Moore & Sue Keith

                CEMETERY MINISTRY                                                                                     Pete Berry (Chr.), Jack Rash, Jim Cunningham



(Red is Ministry Servant Leader)



           Class of 2021:          Charles Whitaker, Nancy Kennedy, Harrison Kelly

           Class of 2022:          Allison Gardner, Cindy Langley, Sally Summers

           Class of 2023:          Sheryl Price, Betsy Trakas, Allen Charles


TRUSTEES MINISTRIES:      Ex-officio – Freddy Gault

            Class of 2021:          Charlie Kelly, Buddy Blackmon, Anita Maness

            Class of 2022:          Tommy Sherbert, Dennis Langley, Allen Owens

            Class of 2022:          Doug Rinaca, Brad Valentine


            Class of 2021:          Melissa Wagner, John Robbins, Freada Rinaca

            Class of 2022:          Ralph Thompson, Melodi Gault, Philip Arnold 

            Class of 2023:          Russell Caston, JAnet Sherbert, BuddyWilkes       

            LM:                           Frances Adams

            LL:                            Frank Hart



            Class of 2021:            Jane Wilkes, Janette Galloway, Allan Charles

            Class of 2022:            Kat Moore, Darla love, Curtis Dunbar

            Class of 2023:            Michele James, Sally Palmer, Jan Thompson

                                                Lay Leader – Frank Hart                     


FINANCE MINISTRIES: (Members due to their leadership area)

 Nancy Kennedy – Fin. Servant Leader          David Bauknight- Pastor                     Mary Lou Gregory - Finance Secretary                  Dale Goff – Church Council SL.                     Frank Hart – Lay Leader                     Ralph Thompson - SPRC Servant Leader           Frances Adams – Lay Mem. to AC               Tommy Sherbert - Trustee Serv. Leader


            Nancy Kennedy, Bob Love, Frances Adams, Tommy Sherbert, Brad Valentine, Pastor David

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