ReConnection Youth Ministry

We welcome all youth from grades 6-12 to join us as we learn and grow in our Christian faith.  We are currently studying about the life of Jesus Christ and his impact on our lives today. Please join us in this wonderful journey!  We meet each Sunday from 4:40-6pm in the Youth Room located near the Fellowship Hall of Grace.

Ask yourself....WWJD?


Our Study of the Life of Jesus So Far.....

  • The angel Gabriel visits Zechariah and Elizabeth (both very old) to tell them Elizabeth will have a child (John the Baptist). Zechariah doubts him, so Gabriel says he will not be able to speak until the child is born. (This was similar to Abraham and Sarah in the Old Testament when God told them they would have a child and Sarah laughed in disbelief. God questioned her and she said she did not laugh.)


  • Gabriel tells Mary that she will have God’s son. Mary tells Gabriel that God’s will be done. Mary is engaged to Joseph who has lots of doubts when she tells him and considers not going through with the wedding. Gabriel appears to Joseph in a dream and tells him to believe. He does.


  • Mary is with child and goes to stay with her cousin Elizabeth who is six months pregnant by now. The baby leaps in her womb when Mary comes.


  • Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem to pay their taxes as required and Jesus is born in a stable with the animals because there was no room for them anywhere. He was born in a manger and visited by shepherds and kings.


  • King Herod knew of Jesus from the prophets, hears of the birth and kills many young children trying to keep Jesus from his destiny. Joseph takes his family to Nazareth and raises Jesus there as his son. Joseph is a carpenter teaches Jesus work with wood and stone.



  • When Jesus was twelve years of age, Mary, Joseph and Jesus travel to Jerusalem for the Passover and they lose Jesus for three days. They find him at the temple talking with the priests and sharing his great knowledge of God with them. Everyone is amazed.


Teaching With The Chosen: Young Jesus in the Temple, Luke 2:42-50 - YouTube


  • John the Baptist preaches about the coming of the Jesus as the Messiah. John baptizes many people. As John baptized Jesus, the heavens opened and the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus like a dove. This video from is based on Matthew 3, Mark 1, Luke 3, and John 1.


Baptism of Jesus | Videos | YouVersion (


  • At around the age of 30, Jesus begins his ministry. He was crucified only three years later but his ministry and teachings have changed the world for more than 2000 years.


  • Jesus meets Mary Magdalene, a tortured woman who chooses to follow Jesus and was with him throughout his Ministry.

Mary's Redemption (Mary Magdalene)|The Chosen Season 1 Episode 1 - YouTube



  • Jesus seeks out his twelve disciples including four fishermen: Brothers Simon Peter and Andrew (son of John) and brothers Big James and John (son of Zebedee and Salome). Jesus calls them to follow him and tells them he will teach them to become “fishers of men”.

The Miracle of the Fish (scene from The Chosen) - YouTube


  • Jesus calls Matthew, a wealthy despised tax collector who was Jewish but worked for the Romans to collect taxes from his own people. The other disciples could not believe that Jesus would ask Matthew to follow him.

Jesus Christ - Calls Matthew to “Follow Him” - Scene from The Chosen - YouTube


  • Jesus performs his first miracle by changing water into wine. Jesus, His mother, Mary, and His disciples had been invited to a big wedding celebration for friends in the village of Cana. The family realized they did not have enough wine for the number of guests who arrived. They were in a panic, and Mary (Jesus’ mother) asked Jesus to “do something.”

The first miracle of Jesus • The Chosen | Jesus turns water to wine | Download “The Chosen” app now - YouTube


  • A LOOK AHEAD.... Jesus is crucified and resurrected.

Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection: The Gospel Project for Kids (2018) - YouTube