Back with a Splash 2017

     On Sunday, September  17th from 5-7pm, we are Back with a Splash!!! Come one come all.....’cause there will be something for everyone! Bring your own lawn chair and enjoy “World Famous Arnold/Wilkes Hamburgers” hot off the grill with all the fixings while listening to some “splish-splashy” tunes created for us by Anna Kelly. Then visit the Owen’s Ice Cream Shoppe for a delicious and refreshing “one of a kind” afternoon treat! In addition there will be watery activities ranging from a Giant Soapy Water Slide to the Kiddie Pools for our very young “splashers”. If you are feeling feisty, have a safe, fun water fight at the Wagners’ Wet Sponge Station. Buddy Blackmon is making a Dunkin’ Chair for us, and Tommy Sinclair is engineering a Kid Car Wash. (Don’t worry kids if you can’t drive a car yet, because you can bring a ride toy or even run right through it!) This event will have something for everyone. If you are not interested in getting wet, Jerry Lipscomb is making a Giant Ker-plunk Game, or try your hand at one of our other fun “non-splashy” activities such as the Glenn’s Tarp Target Game or the Turner’s Frisbee Tic Tac Toe Game. Not interested in playing....enjoy the fun and food from the comfort of your own lawn chair, or just eat and walk around socializing with everyone while enjoying a gazillion bubbles made at Judy and Sue’s “Gazillion Bubbles” bubble station. (Children, please bring your friends!) Mark your calendars today! Don’t forget your lawn chairs, extra towels, change of clothes, flip flops and huge appetite. You don’t want to miss this last bit of summer fun with our Grace family!