Children's Ministry Curriculum

Children's Church Curriculum: ELEVATE 

Our previous creative and contemporary Elevate Sunday School Curriculum is being “switched” to Children’s Church curriculum.  We believe it will be a “good fit”.  Elevate Kids is a comprehensive, easy-to-use curriculum designed for children in grades K-5 and will take children on a fun journey of biblical learning.    
Elevate Kids:

  • has the flexibility to be performed live or watched on DVD. ï‚·
  • works in a variety of settings, including classrooms, children's worship or mid-week discipleship. ï‚·  
  • utilizes fantastic animations, music and graphics to help you teach the lesson. ï‚·
  • teaches children how to apply Bible concepts and stories to their everyday lives. ï‚·
  • provides a filmed example of every element of each lesson. ï‚·
  • allows your children's church to be fresh and new every 8 weeks with each fun theme. ï‚·
  • provides easy DVD training for your volunteers. 

We still need Disciple Makers for our Children’s Church!  With Elevate, it’s so EASY.  Most of the teaching is already done on videos for you.  The speaking parts can be read.  Don’t worry, we’ll show you how.  We’ll even email this lesson to you and put a hard copy and the base pack in the curriculum box.  You can do it!

Image result for 13 very big mistakes and what god did about themSunday School Curriculum: 13 Very Big Mistakes and What God Did About Them  

In this series of lessons, kids will discover how to avoid making big mistakes, and along the way grow closer to the God who loves them—no matter what!  This curriculum offers easy–to–lead sessions to keep kids engaged, entertained, and growing in their faith!  Each session is:  Flexible - adaptable for 2 to 12 children Multi - aged - because you’re never sure who’ll show up Low - prep - using supplies from your kitchen, office, or  garage Minutes of fun - with time - stretchers to fill an hour   We still need more Disciple Makers for Sunday School!  We are setting everything up to scan and email the lessons each week. Hard copies will also be available in the curriculum drop box.  Anyone can teach this!  You can do it!


Milestones for Children

In 1994, Packie Whitener, Sunday School Superintendent, and Carolyn Turner, Program Director, issued the following "Milestone" challenges with the objective of insuring that once a student completed seven years in Sunday School at Grace, they would be literate in the most important aspects of Christian Education.

These milestones would be encouraged at Sunday School, "but the real work needed to be done at home".  When the child was ready, he/she recited his/her milestone to the Sunday School teacher and this was recorded.  The teacher then reported those completing a mileston to teh program director.  Students completing the milestones would then have their name published in the newsltetter.

Listed below were the milestones for each age level:


  • 3 year- "Jesus Loves Me"
  • 4 year- "Jesus Loves the Little Children"
  • 5 year- the "Doxology"
  • 1st gr. -  "Gloria Patri"
  • 2nd gr. - The Lord's Prayer
  • 3rd gr. - The 10 Commandments
  • 4th gr. - Psalm 100
  • 5th gr.- Psalm 23
  • 6th gr. - Apostle's Creed
  • 7th gr. - Books of the Bible

We would like to encourage our parents and Sunday School teachers to reinstate these very worthwhile milestons into the lives of our children.  The value of some ideas will never grow old!  We would like to thank Mrs. Whitener and Mrs. Turner for yesterday's work that continues to inspire our children's ministry today.