God Will Not Be Undone
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From Pastor Lee
Delivered On
March 1, 2023
God Will Not Be Undone

Last month I was asked and agreed to serve as the presiding Elder at four church conferences in our area. The purpose of these four church conferences was solely to take a vote on whether the congregations wanted to remain within the denomination. All four of these United Methodist Congregations voted to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church. Just witnessing firsthand of what is unfolding within our churches sort of brought home to me in a painful sort of way that what I have known most of my life is seemingly coming to an end. No, I am not advocating that it is a bad or a horrible thing. It is just that when added to all the changes that are constantly evolving (or devolving) in our world it leaves you feeling sort of hopeless until one is reminded that God is still God, and that no matter if every single human being in the world turned against Him, God is still the majority. I was reminded of this from an online post concerning one of the great things happening in our world today. That is the revival that began early last month at Asbury University. The individual who posted it wrote how interesting it is that the timing of the Asbury revival occurred when it did, and he included an excerpt from something written by pastor Matthew Rice who attended the revival. Pastor Rice wrote, “on Sunday, February 5, the world witnessed what some considered one of, if not the most, blasphemous display ever performed on the Grammy Awards, as Sam Smith and Kim Petras, performed a song with demonic and sexually charged imagery. Three days later, a small group of students lingered in the presence of God after chapel in Hughes Auditorium in Wilmore, Kentucky. There were no bright lights, no cameras, and no press. Only a singular desire to pursue Jesus. But what started as a small spark has grown into a fire that has the attention of the world, with thousands coming from various nations to attend the gatherings. As of today, the hashtag #asburyrevival has 55.4 million views on TikTok. The song performed at the Grammys was entitled “Unholy.” As I watched God ignite hearts in the room, I was reminded of the Grammy performance and that the Asbury Revival started three days later. I sensed Jesus speak to my spirit, “You didn’t think I would be outdone, did you?” As we move through this season of Lent toward Easter let us be reminded that God will not be outdone. Please continue to pray with me as we seek to be a part of the revival that is happening, not in some distant future, but now. Thank you all for all the love and encouragement you have shared.

Love, Pastor Lee