Hospitality Ministry

Hospitality Ministries

The Hospitality Committee is responsible for hosting, planning, and executing church luncheons and other special events as required by the minister.  These events include: 

  • Lenten Lunches – offered as a community wide ministry following the Lenten services.The luncheons begin on Ash Wednesday and end the Wednesday before Easter for a total of seven lunches.About 4-6 weeks before Lenten season, the Committee Chair will set up a meeting with the women in the church who wish to volunteer.A team leader and 4-5 helpers are appointed and a menu is set up for each luncheon.The team leader and their helpers are responsible for preparing and serving the food and for cleaning the kitchen afterward.The Team leader is also responsible for getting a dishwasher and someone to take up money at the door.Committee Chair is responsible for purchasing any food items or paper products needed for all the luncheons.Note: Preparation is made for 80 or more people for each luncheon.

  • Graduates’ Luncheon – held in May to honor all graduates (high school and college) and their families.The entire committee is responsible for this luncheon which is held after church services on a Sunday.A menu is planned (usually catered) and the committee serves and cleans the kitchen following the lunch and program. Note:Preparation is made for about 25-30 people depending on the number of graduates.

  • Education Day Breakfast – held in late August or early September to honor the Sunday school teachers.This event is held before Sunday school and preparation is made for about 60 people.

  • Loyalty Luncheon – held around the middle of November.This is a church wide luncheon and is usually catered.The Committee Chair plans the menu, orders the food, and shops for this event.Volunteers as well as the committee members serves the food, cleans the kitchen, washes dishes, takes up money, and other duties as needed. About of 7-8 helpers are needed for this event. Preparation is made for 80-85 people.

In addition to the above, the committee is responsible for:

  1. stocking kitchen pantry with paper products and other items as needed

  2. depositing revenue from luncheons into the Food Committee Account and verifying monthly bank statement

  3. performing other duties as required by the minister