Jesus Keeps His Word
Delivered By
Pastor Lee
Delivered On
April 11, 2022
Jesus Keeps His Word

In June of 1975 my family moved to Ruffin, South Carolina. Being ten years old at that time and having moved before in the past, I realized that making friends wasn’t always easy. However, after being in the Ruffin parsonage for a day or so, a teenager from one of the churches Dad was appointed to serve came by to welcome us.

Charles didn’t just stop by and welcome us; he even spent a great deal of time that afternoon playing with my sister and me. I couldn’t believe that a teenager who was several years older than I would have played with kids younger than he. I also remember him saying before he left on his bicycle that he would be back soon. With each passing day, I spent less time watching for his return as I began to lose hope of his coming back. In fact, he never did come back to play. I believe we all have been disappointed, and have disappointed others, when promises have not been kept.

It is very probable the disciples of Jesus felt this way following the crucifixion of Christ before his post resurrection appearance on Easter. They had heard Jesus speak of his undergoing great suffering, rejection, and death to come. They had also been exposed to his words telling them that three days later he would rise from the dead. As these events began to unfold before their eyes, how difficult it must have been to believe Jesus would keep his word, that he would come back.

Easter, however, is about the fact that Jesus did and will always keep his word. Jesus came back! The Easter story reminds us that Jesus never fails to come to us no matter how we may have failed to believe him and his word. He comes to offer us forgiveness, healing, renewal, and restoration.

May our focus with the upcoming season of Easter be upon the Risen, Resurrected Christ, who has come back and faithfully continues to draw close to offer us joy and peace.