Rockers For Christ “RUNWAY MADNESS” May 14, 2024
May 30, 2024, 9:02 AM

 Rockers For Christ “RUNWAY MADNESS” May 14, 2024


Our senior members ministry, Rockers for Christ, met on Tuesday, May 14, in the Fellowship Hall at 10:00AM with a delicious brunch of breakfast casserole, grits, fruit, juice, and coffee prepared by Mimi Charles and Judy Caston. A delightful “RUNWAY MADNESS” fashion show followed and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone! Vickie Phillips orchestrated this show and Tommy Bishop played all the theme songs on the piano. Members of the fashion show included:

JoAnne Lipscomb February

Sue Keith March

Fran Love April

Sonja Dunbar May

Jackie Weber June

Pat Owens July

Sally Summers August

Mary Jane Cunningham September

Sheryl Price October

Wendy Russell November

Pastor Lee Phillips December

As the models walked down the aisle they stopped to turn and show off their “month” they represented. Several gave more moving interpretations of walking! Jackie Weber had to stop long enough to dry her sweaty brow and drink some water. Sheryl Price showed off her “My Pritty Kitty” and nails. Sue Keith found the Leprechaun’s gold pot and handed chocolate coins out to everybody. And, our dear Mary Jane Cunningham couldn’t pass up being the month that cheers on Clemson Football!! Of course we couldn’t miss seeing Miss 4th of July all decked out in red, white, and blue, waving a flag; or, Sally Summer’s last of summer fishing gear. Fran Love, April, was well prepared for all the rain that brings on the May flowers that grew all over Sonja Dunbar’s dress; and Miss February, JoAnne Lipscomb, was a walking billboard letting us know all the things that happen in the month. Turkey time comes in November and Wendy Russell had the biggest “you can’t eat me” grin on her face! But, our loving Pastor Lee showed up straight out of Christmas in December wearing decorated leggings, socks, and a rather large tie to match his suit. Everyone had so much fun at this delightful event. Our next Rockers for Christ will be in September.

You don’t want to miss it! It could be even more fun than ever! We just don’t know what will come up in Vickie and Lee’s minds for our next brunch. Please thank Vickie Phillips for this fun ministry.