What is the point of Children's Ministry?

8 Ways Children’s Ministry Benefits Families

1. It supports godly parenting. The church was never meant to be the exclusive faith teacher of children. Instead, God’s plan was for the two institutions (church and family) to form a partnership

2. It helps nudge some parents into more faithful attendance. Usually, parents become more involved in the church when their kids become more involved in the children’s ministry.

3. It brings unchurched families in contact with the Gospel. In our culture, reaching children is one of the most effective ways to make contact with unchurched families.

4. It helps new families get connected with the church. Even when a new family comes into the church, they still need help to get plugged in.

5. It helps identify families that may benefit from biblical counseling. Often in working with kids, we discover deeper problems at home that need biblical counseling.

6. It helps dads get involved in the church. For various reasons, fathers have a difficult time getting connected with the church family. One great way to bridge this gap is to use kids’ sports ministries.

7. It provides families with meaningful shared experiences. This is true especially when the whole family can participate in events like VBS or summer camp.

8. It helps answers those hard question. Children will often come to teachers in their church with religious question that have stumped their parents.

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